Film - Art Event

VISUALLY & on stage



MOVIE_arteventCreate your own short movie with the backup of a professional team. Become directors, screenwriters, operators, stage designers, soundtrack specialists and actors. You can use our professional equipment (a video camera, widescreen monitors, light, costumes, stage elements and stage props). A good film cannot be made without a team work. Thanks to filming you will learn more about your group than you think.


Who knows better than you how the untypical and effective advertisement of your company should look like? Create it yourself from the scratch. We will help you to write a screenplay, create a stage design, take care of costumes and make-up. The world of advertisement is yours – together we will create the spot of your dreams.

short films

Work on short forms, references to and parodies of well-known films, superproduction trailers. Try shooting of silent movies, film adaptations of short stories or your own incredible stories or mini-series. For fun or for real.

  • Superheroes: James Bond, Superman, Mr. Bean…
  • Polish Hits: Miś, Czterej Pancerni i Pies, Vabank…
  • World Hits: Laurel and Hardy, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill…
  • Silent Movies – Coming Back to the Past
  • Series

video clips

Have you got your favourite song to which you want to create a video clip? We will help you to write a screenplay, create a stage design, take care of costumes and make-up. Let you become a professional team on the clip set and the clip itself will be a music souvenir for ages.

  • Pop, Reggae, Blues, Disco, Metal, Rock…
  • Polish and Foreign Performers
  • The Open Air, City Space, Studio, Office


Creating a cartoon is not an easy task. It requires concentration, clear plan and accurate realisation. Paying attention to details and perfect timing are the most essential. You will cope with this challenge only if you work in a team. Animation can make miracles. You will become convinced that animation is the art – the art of strategy.

  • Pixelation
  • Puppets
  • Stop Motion
  • Green Box

lip dup

Try dubbing and lip synchronisation. Matching the sound and lip movements with the usage of dubbing gives astonishing results in creating clips. The amateurs will enrich a well-known song with their own visual interpretation. It will not be easy though. Creating your own clip consists in coordinating even one hundred people with music, camera movements, choreography and stage design. Getting ready for a professional lip dub may last even several weeks. We will prepare
everything so that you can make your clip in one day. The effects will be blasting!