Kids - Art Event

THOROUGHLY & on demand


FUN PAINTING_arteventColourful world of art and magic. We realize children’s dreams and give way to artistic craziness. We also give free rein to one’s imagination and follow individual predispositions. We embrace fields that are interesting.


  • Pictures’ Painting
  • Constructing and Painting Sculptures or 3D ……
  • Toys’ production: Cars, Dolls, Houses…
  • Creating Bird Feeders and Nests
  • Building Instruments
  • Fancy Dress Party and Painting Masks
  • Face and Body Painting
  • Creating Small and Big Origami
  • Reindeers’ World
  • The Town of Dreams
  • How to be Healthy – A Game
  • Art Games
  • Mega Board Games
  • Hopscotch – Constructing and Painting Boards
  • Picnics