School of style - Art Event

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School of style

STYLE_arteventHow to make one look and present better? It all starts with … getting to know yourself. What make-up suits your face? What colour matches the colour of your eyes? Do you look better in torusers or in mini? And hair? Is it better to have them pinned, short or gelled? Diagnose your beauty type. Match colours better. Learn about cosmetics suitable for your skin. Find your own style! If you want to undergo a real metamorphosis, our specialists will help you. Our stylists and make-up artists are experienced in working with individual clients, as well as in working for the best fashion magazines (Twój Styl, Elle).

  • Build Schemes
  • Rules for Creating Universal and Ageless Wardrobe
  • Ways of Matching Textures, Colours, Patterns and Accessories
  • Creating Business Look – Dress Code
  • Metamorphosis + Photo Shoot
  • Fashion Designer’s Collection – Show Room, Fittings and Photo Shoot