Design and redesign - Art Event

PRACTICALLY & with taste

Design and redesign

REDESIGN_arteventFrom project to product. Designer’s furniture, clothes, things of everyday use. Create your own functional works of art whose sight makes you feel better. This task requires group activity – choose an ordinary object and, thanks to artistic approach, give it a completely new meaning. Make something out of nothing – and let it be beautiful and useful.
Design and create super-duper and extravagant clothes and costumes using all the necessary materials and tools. It is a free-for-all: cut, sew, split, match, paint and decorate. There is also the possibility to make unique jewellery of recycling materials.


  • Furniture, Lamps
  • Objects of Everyday Use
  • Super Gadgets
  • From Business Dress Code to Haute-Couture
  • Fashion Show