Painting - Art Event



ACTION PAINTING_arteventOn canvas, spatially, in colour

Painting is a sheer pleasure, an escape from everyday life and a way to relax you dream of. What limits the strokes of a brush is only our imagination. Everyone is able to paint, even if he or she does not know about it. Painting teaches communication and working in a team. All you need to create your own work of art is small help of an artist. Painting goes beyond the picture. It is a common aim and real experience of art.

large format - action painting

Design-12Broad brushes and painting rollers, buckets of paint, overalls and a free expressive hand. Immerse yourself in a large format, in common work on unusual painting projects on big linen stretchers, walls, elevations, garages, warehouses and old cars. Create giant sculptures of polystyrene foam, eco cardboard from recycling or papier mâché, and then paint them. Create illusory and creative pictures which change our reality. Thanks to the power of the whole team those large-format works come to life to decorate events, offices and conference rooms.

  • Copying the Masters
  • Illusory Pictures
  • Billboard, Graffiti, Mural
  • Big Company Logo
  • Painting Spatial Objects

easel painting

easelsCommon painting on the traditional linen stretchers is unique experience. Nothing gives you such rest from your daily routines as the sense of creation. Nothing relaxes you as a plein-air workshop or a unique mood of atelier. With easels in front of you and palets in your hands you learn about techniques of the great masters, cope with a matter of impressionism, fauvism and abstractionism


  • Copying the Masters
  • Impressionism, Fauvism, Dadaism
  • Advert Posters
  • Collage
  • Illustrations
  • Comic
  • Art Now
  • Natural Pigments