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3D scale models


3D_artevent3D scale models

The participants personate designers, constructors and manufacturers of spatial scale models. Build your own sports bolids, planes, motorboats, space ships, scyscrapers, or even the whole cities. It is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. To make a 3D scale models one has to work in a team (communicate, make common decisions, plan, make strategies) but is still able to be creative. We will lash out and create the unreal: The Eiffel Tower in Warsaw, the fastest car in the world, a hyper-modern city on the Moon…

  • The City of Dreams
  • The Olympic Village
  • Scyscrapers and Bridges
  • Sports Bolids and Old Cars
  • Yachts and Motorboats
  • Planes, Gliders, Baloons and Zeppelins
  • Space Station